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[Update] Shooting Star 2 (2013) Android & PC

I’ve updated since January 3, 2012. But my internet is too slow to post it here. I haven’t uploaded PC Version of Shooting Star 2. But i already uploaded Shooting Star 2 Android version.

Download here (Android)

Shooting Star 2 Setup (2013) Download here (PC)

Changes on Shooting Star 2 PC

  1. Brigadier bug on Mouse Orbit Fixed
  2. Fixed Camera bug fixed

Changes on Shooting Star 2 Android

  1. Brigadier bug on Mouse Orbit Fixed
  2. Set Active Recursively optimization mode
  3. Far clip plane set to 300 earlier has 1000 which make it very very slow

Sorry i can’t fix the relative control things.

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2013 Massive Game Updates

I’ll make an update to all of my old game (Shooting Star 2 and Catapult) in this January 2013. Sorry for being really really really really late, because I’m too busy doing Wild West Showdown.

Here’s the game that will be update later.

  • Shooting Star 2 (PC) V2.06
  1. Fixes the EPIC Major bug on saving Mouse Orbit
  • Shooting Star 2 (Android) V2.08
  1. Fixes the EPIC Major bug on saving Mouse Orbit
  2. Using Vertex-Lit rendering to improve performance
  3. Using Another Mesh Compression to improve performance
  • Catapult (Android) V1.44
  1. Using Vertex-Lit Rendering to improve performence
  2. All meshes will be compressed
  3. Fake Cube character will be fixed

So, i think that’s it. That’s a report from Official Beta Testers. Sorry i can’t fix the camera position for Shooting Star 2. I told everyone to tell me the problem, but they didn’t!

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[Released] Shooting Star 2 DROID

It’s all about gravity. I’ve been finished Shooting Star 2 for Android… Use Motion Sensor to move your star, including the camera is fixed camera. it won’t move anywhere. Helped by new GUI Recting technique, on some small display device will be able to play this game.

Requirements :

  • Android V2.1
  • ARM v6
  • OpenGL ES 1.x
  • 30 MB Storage of Interal and External
  • 600 MHz of Processor (1GHz is recommended)

Runs great on Xperia Mini ST15i.

Tested Devices :

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i (Runs Great)
  • Axioo Vigo (A little bit lag on starting session)


Download now

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[Released ON DESURA] Shooting Star 2 : Long Drive

After a long discussion with our crew, Shooting Star 2 will be paid (as we’ve talked about). We’re going to submit to Desura and Union, but unfortunately, they were reject this game.

Desura : “I am wondering what makes this marble game different from the ones we have on the system and some of them are free.”
Union : ” It’s unlikely that the game will scale well to the platforms with which Union work, especially smart TVs and set-top boxes. Let us know if you have any questions.”

I think i have no choice. Some of our crew says to set this game free, and we’ll work harder to make a better game and sell it.

But, i’ve published on DESURA, and now i’m waiting for confirmation. it takes too long, so i decided to upload it to IndieDB

So yeah, i’ve finished this game (Seems like i’m lack of enthusiasm publishing this game). I’m so proud this game can get rank 102 in 7,868.

Download here :

Trailer Here :

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[Update] Shooting Star V0.12

I’ve done all CORE script (I guess). What script do you think i should do ? I’ve done

  2. Timer + Timer Add
  3. Pickupable
  4. Road
  5. 3..2..1.. State
  6. GM
  7. On Collider Sound
  8. On Collider Reset
  9. On Collider Finish
  10. On Collider Checkpoint
  11. Ball Controller
  12. Level Info
  13. Cursor

What script did i miss ? Should I begin the Level Designing Phase ?