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Japanese Train Station PBR Pack Now Available on Asset Store

Hello everyone, after being hiatus for few years, I’m going to announce that my latest assets are now available on Unity Asset Store. Please keep following, I’ll also push new assets soon ~

This train station model pack is a typical Japanese small town / rural train station.
Modelled after Nagase Station in Osaka.

Each model tris are less than 4000~ tris.

This asset pack includes :

  • 40+ prefabs
  • Lightmapped demo scene
    (If you encounter a problem on newer Unity, please rebake)
  • Scene with all objects on it
  • 2048×2048 PBR texture maps (Diffuse, Metallic, Normal, Emissive)
  • Moveable doors, clock, and entrance gate.
  • Editable PSD for signs

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