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[Update] Nitro Racer XD V0.26REV1

In one month, I’ve made a huge updates to Nitro Racer XD. Here’s the full list of updates

  • FIX : GM Waypointer calculating player’s position accurately
  • FIX : Semi-Final Hyper Dynamic Main Menu design
  • FIX : Retarded AI now became OK-AI (Not really stupid now)
  • FIX : Turbulence Desert map
  • FIX : Musicier bug on Main Menu (GUI Popping out)
  • ADD : Pickupable object now working properly.
  • FIX : GM Character placement
  • FIX : Main Menu Character Chooser
  • ADD : 5 new Characters (Frig, Willy, Crystal, Cuber, Clarity)
  • FIX : CoreGUI Stupidity (Null Reference anywhere)
  • FIX : Door portal
  • ADD : Timer
  • ADD : Start Line
  • ADD : Cuber spectator
  • ADD : 2nd Generation Level Info
  • And many more. I don’t know

Comparing this game with my latest game (Wild West Showdown), this game has many differences or better quality than my latest game. That’s why this game is the 2ND GENERATION OF LABORATORIESXD game.

Unity - sft_td.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone Unity - sft_td.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_2 Unity - sft_td.unity - NitroRacerXD - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_3


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[Released on IndieCity] Wild West Showdown

Sorry if this game still paid. However, i’ll make it free later. I’m just testing with paid game. I don’t have a paypal.

Rating : 2 / 5

Comment : “Couldn’t figure out how to switch from gun back to fists and couldn’t punch with the gun equipped it seemed, so couldn’t get past the “kill the enemies” bit of the tutorial section (as I ran out of bullets). If you can tell me how then I’ll get past this section and be able to CAP” Er00 staff

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[Released] Wild West Showdown

Well, after many stages of testing, i finally decided to release this game today. But unfortunately, Desura didn’t accept this game, so i think the FULL release must be pended. But however, you can still enjoy the Lite version of Wild West Showdown

Wild West Showdown Lite

So, I’m going to publish it here

  • Indie City
  • IndieVania
  • Wild Tangent
  • Union

I hope they’ll accept this game. I know it’s a bad game. But i promise, for next generation game, i’ll make even even better game.

This is the reports from Official Beta Testers

  • Jessica T.

“No any reports but this game is too monotone. I mean, what is this all about ? The main mission is just shoot an enemy and then find an exit.”

  • Vinson

“On first release version, this game has too low amount of ammo. People would be very difficult if the ammo is very hard to find. I only be able to play this to Level 1-3”

  • Roberto K.

“It’s okay. No problem on Second release version.”


  • Fast Loading
  • Set Active Recursively Performance mode
  • 1920 x 1080 HD
  • Over 5 hours gameplay
  • 5 Arcade mode with 2 playable character

Wild West Showdown

Wild West Showdown

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[Update Phase 1] Wild West Showdown

So, i got so many bug reports from Junardy (Official Beta Testers (1GHz AMD Dual Core, ATi Radeon HD6000 Series)). And here’s the reports from Junardy.

  • Main character’s shirt is weird. Sometimes it can pass through the main character body.
  • You can see through the house.
  • You can’t change weapon.
  • You should be able to set the weapon inside the pocket, not drop it.
  • After dropped a gun and picked up a gun, it should not be 0/0 but 6/6.
  • Aiming error. Sometimes it just too slow to fade.
  • Uncontrollable aiming sensitivity.
  • Reload system fail. From 4/6 to 6/0.
  • The camera went up and down while trotting.
  • The gun pickup is hard to find. Increase the ammo pickup.
  • Claw is not working properly.
  • There’s no hint / exit in level 2 stage 1.
  • Since it was too difficult, I only can play till level 3 stage 1.

But don’t worry, in newer version (V0.99REV2) these thing will be updated

  • Reload function is now fixed! 4/6 to 6/4.
  • Trotting camera is fixed.
  • Diglett animation is fixed.
  • More ammos in stage 1.
  • Checkpoint should save player’s inventory.
  • Double jump is enabled. However, it may has some bugs.
  • Adjustable aim sensitivity.
  • Faster fade time.
  • Added help in level 2.

There’s some Official Beta Testers is testing the game

  • ME (Core i3 @ 3.10GHz, NVidia GT220), Fantastic settings, No lag @ 60 / 40 FPS.
  • Junardy (AMD Dual Core @ 1GHz, ATi Radeon 6000 Series), Good settings, No lag.
  • Jessica T. (Waiting for result)
  • Vinson (Waiting for result)
  • Roberto K. (Core i3, NVidia 9500GT) (Waiting for result)
  • Robin (Core 2 Duo, Integrated Graphic card) (Waiting for result)
  • Calvin (Pentium D, ATi Radeon), medium lag on level 4 stage 1.

Sorry if i posted too often this week. Because i need to make a log of my game development.

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Beta release Wild West Showdown

I finally finished Wild West Showdown, now it’s in beta testing by our tester crew. The latest version is V0.99REV1. When i test it, it has many bugs. And this is the list of the bug (Level 7 stage 1)

  • FIX : Level 5 Water collider  (DONE)
  • FIX : Level 6 Sound (night) (DONE)
  • FIX : Main Menu “Build and Version” (DONE)
  • FIX : Vest at pause menu bug (It can’t be fixed. It only happens when you minimized the game)
  • FIX : Level 2 Lightmap (DONE)
  • UPDATE : Add a level info in pause menu (DONE)

For the full version release, I’ll wait for the beta testers give the feedback in their computers.


  • Fast loading
  • PlayerPrefsX
  • Parallax Bumped Specular / Pixel Shader 3
  • Over 6 Hours gameplay
  • 5 Arcade Modes
  • HD, accepts any resolutions
  • Set Active Recursively performance mode

System requirements

  • Dual core @ 2GHz is recommended. Core i3 @ 3.10 GHz for better performance.
  • Any pixel shader graphic card (Shader Model 1 will disable any lights, bumped texture, and reflection. Shader Model 2 will disable Water effect and Brick wall effect). Pixel Shader 3 is recommended.
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 200 MB Free space of hard drive.

Unity 2013-01-22 16-27-27-28 Unity 2013-01-22 16-52-38-43 Unity 2013-01-22 16-52-46-36DSC_0003

* I hate my new haircut. F****** hair artist.

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Penguin Racer Go3D!

I’m thinking to make this game after Wild West Showdown. So, Nano Botz probably will be canceled, due to bad gameplay concept. Penguin Racer Go3D! name aren’t final yet. Robin suggest the name is Wild West Racing, but however, the character or theme aren’t in wild west.


For the kart design, Robin suggested to use a kart like this design.

Well, It’s very very very epic design but I’m not sure i can do this. This below is the Graphical User Interface concept.p3da p3D

The character design above is not final. I draw this when i don’t know how to make a game. So, it probably has been created in a long time ago (according to my handwriting, it’s probably 2010). It has a player position, mini map, primary / secondary weapon, weapon battery (if it maxed out, you’ll get a better weapon like TNT to Nitro).

At the right position, it has a lap timer, current lap, crew (he can attack other opponents, block other opponents, find shortcut for you, go faster, and give you his weapon), crew weapon (which you can grab it), that 3x logo means how many times you can command your crew. I’m not sure if i could make all of this with GUILayout.

Robin suggested that the kart is upgradeable (speed, handling, acceleration, defense). If you always hit Nitro, TNT, Bomb, or something like that, you’re gonna have a bad time. Higher your kart’s defense, lower chance to the machine blow up. Since drifting (like crash team racing) on PC is difficult, i decided to make the kart has NOS.

The Character

I’m thinking to recycle / re use character from Wild West Showdown.

This is the character list that is unlocked at start

  1. Jack Flynn
  2. The Frig
  3. Willy
  4. Luke
  5. Penelope Guin
  6. Fake Cube
  7. Fasthand Penguin
  8. Mirage

And this is the locked character

  1. Vertex
  2. Robin
  3. Vaser Empero
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???



Penguin Racer Go3D! is a kart racing game designed for PC. I’ll try to make this game can play online. I really need to use Unity Pro to enhance the graphic.