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New Game are in development!

About:Quick Info

  • Developer : imgvertex
  • Publisher : N/A
  • Genre : RPG, Visual Novel, Simulation, Social Sim, 3D Anime
  • Mode : Single Player
  • Steamworks : Steam Cloud, Steam Achievement (?)
  • Languages : EN | JP, CN, DE, RU (community translation)
  • Voiceover : No
  • Platform : Microsoft Windows, Linux (if possible)
  • DRM : Steam
  • Controller Support : Dualshock 3
  • Planned Release : Hopefully someday

In Short Description

My game, in short, it’s a social simulation inspired on Anime, in a situation where you play as antisocial teenager (locks in their room in without having social life) and then the challenge on being accepted on society. It also involves high school romance, school life, and comedy. Further story and gameplay still in closed discussion.

I probably wont make a combat system on my game. I mean come on, it’s VN like, how you can fight. In current version, simple combat system and AI logic is already developed, but I still thinking whether I should remove it or no.

Q : So if you saying that your game has no combat ? Then where’s the gameplay ?
A : It’s a Social Sim, VN + RPG, like I ever said before, whatever you do to the NPC will affect the future of the story (It seems pretty complex for me to do especially am not programmer). But yeah it mostly Social Sim.


In November 2016, I already done some CORE environment, although, environment like school and school interior aren’t done yet. So right now, am still doing CORE Phase 2 extended which should be do in CORE Phase 3 but let’s just shortening all of them.



Pause Menu concept (OBSOLETE)


Complete Quest and Loading Screen (OBSOLETE)


Q : Still don’t have name ?
A : Yeah.

Q : Please translate it to <Language>!
A : No… This game will only available on English.

Q : But on the demo was Japanese ?
A : Yes. I was too lazy to translate my game to Japanese (I can a little Nihongo). Why would I need to translate my game when I’ll be called “Kimoi Otaco” in the end.

Q : Do you want to hire sound artist ?
A : No…

Q : What is the main concept of this game? A boring weeb animu game for otaco?
A : Maybe…

Q : What is it called? Ordinary Japanese Highschool Simulator?
A : No…

Q : Will you make a page like Facebook page or website or blog or any other social media that you can keep update progress?
A : Let’s just use this

Q : What is CORE ?
A : CORE is the main component of the game, it’s like game framework or game’s main logic. CORE has been used since Catapult (version 1), Nitro Racer XD (version 2). CORESYSTEM3 which will be used in this game is written in C#, unlike earlier CORE which written in JS. CORESYSTEM3 should be faster, safer, and more powerful than any ever CORE I’ve ever developed.

Q : What is Project IMG characters ?
A : A hybrid character, which can be used in my blog, animation, or games. For example, Nakane Eri, and Momoe Kitagawa.

Q : How long usually it take to you to make a game ?
A : Well, Nitro Racer XD took about 5 months. But that when I was in highschool, and the game also is a mistake. I didn’t know much about polishing game back then. This new game, already started since December 2015, and been working on CORE since March 2016. I plan to finish it before 2017.

Q : Possible for Mac version ?
A : No one ask for this. By the way, I don’t have mac. I never develop game for mac.

Having your support can faster up development process!


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Thank you very much for your support!

3 thoughts on “New Game are in development!

  1. Have you tried #1GAM #gamedev #indiedev hashtag?
    I usually got some extra traffic there.

    (Also for #1GAM, you need to have account first.)

  2. I think your unity game template is really amazing.
    Will you please sell it to me?

    • Thanks, but it’s not a template. I start every project from scratch. Also, I didn’t usually sell whole project, but I do take commission from doing 3D Models only.


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