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About me

I’m an experienced Unity (C# + JS) developer without a strong academic background (thanks to Google and YouTube, i learn it all from there). I started making games since I was 13 years old with 3DRAD. My first ever game was Buggy Car, and My first ever game that published through internet was Shooting Star.

I’m not a University Student. I have also contributed Animation / VFX for Shunkan Studio. I’m a multi-threaded developer that can do Unity3D, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and After Effect.

I have a dream to build own Game and CGI Animation studio.

I’m not intend to brag here. Sorry for any inconvenience.

deviantArt | LinkedIn | pixiv | nicosolid

Contest I’ve been joined

  • Indosiar TV bumper competition 2015.
  • Ace Hardware Indonesia Video Competition 2014.
  • Nitro Racer XD, DiskomVision.
  • Nitro Racer XD, INAICTA 2013.
  • Icon Design Contest, Animal-Arena deviantArt.
  • Catapult, Top 50 SlideDB Best App of the Year 2012.
  • Icon Design Contest, Creation-Inspiration


Realtime Render Animation

From Mid 2013, I started to make Realtime 3D Animation with Unity. Because my computer was very slow to render 1 minute animations.

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Motion Graphic / Visual Effect

I do Motion Graphic stuff for Restaurant / Menu TV slides, Company Profile, Intro / Ident / Logo sting.

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3D Arts

I mostly do 3D Anime. Please refer my latest 3D Art here. For including the old ones here.

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3D Animations

Due to slow internet connection, I can’t upload GIF animation.

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2D Arts

I rarely make a 2D Arts because I can’t draw. On 2D Arts, I’m just making some Advertising and Graphic Design content. Not much I uploaded here. Sometimes, I accept my teacher request to make some Ads banner, Visitor’s card, Class’ map, and School’s schedule. There’s a lot of 2D Arts that I’ve done on my childhood (2007-2010) on my PC, but It’s not necessary to upload.

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