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Japanese Apartment PBR Asset Pack Now Available on Asset Store

Hello everyone !

Sorry for being away for awhile. I still haven’t back doing my game yet. Still so busy doing lotsa stuff. But to keep this blog active, I could post my artwork here as well if that’s okay.


Japanese Apartment PBR is a typical one room apartment / mansion in Japan. Contains most of the stuff that are in typical Japanese apartment.

Each model tris are less than 5000~ tris.

*Note : This pack contains baked Lightmap in Unity 5.5, and the Light objects are set to Baked. If you wish to have a realtime light like in the video, please set the Light objects to Realtime.

This asset pack includes :

  • 56 prefabs
  • Lightmapped One room apartment demo scene
    (If you encounter a problem on newer Unity, please rebake)
  • Scene with all objects on it
  • 2048×2048 PBR texture maps (Diffuse, Metallic, Normal, AO)

Check out my other assets here


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Anime Girl Character Pack Available Now on Asset Store

Hello everyone !

The assets you’ve been requested for so long finally available now on Asset Store. It’s low poly character pack for Unity 3D.

Anime Girl Character pack


  • 10 hair textures
  • Full editable 2048×2048 PSD texture + Normal Map
  • Idle and Walk motion as demo
  • Expression textures (mouth & eyes)
  • Replaceable hair
  • Toon or PBR version
  • Chara 1:
    • Cloth : 5186 tris
    • Hair : 1064 tris
  • Chara 2:
    • Cloth : 4348 tris
    • Hair : 1678 tris
  • Chara 3:
    • Cloth : 3942 tris
    • Hair : 937 tris
  • NOTE : This comes with physic bones but without physics animation, Dynamic Bone are highly recommended.

Anime Girl #1


Anime Girl #2


Anime Girl #3


Check out my other assets here


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Site, Life, Game Update

Hi everyone, yeah, I haven’t post so much awhile, I mostly don’t know what to post and also busy doing lots of stuff here. So I was thinking to create some blog post about what happened with that.

What happened with the site ?

Apparently, I just find out that freenom disable both my domains ( and Which was free and “Oh well” nothing else I can do, I can’t even pay for another domain to shorten the name. Because having to type laboratoriesx86.wordpress is just too hassle, combining with my portfolio site.

Conclusion, I regret naming my blog name as laboratoriesx86. It’s just hard to type and remember.

What happened with the Project IMG game ?

Well, it’s still in hiatus, no progress have been made, but don’t worry, it wont be canceled at all cost. The thing is that I want to grind my 3D modelling skill until I satisfied with it then I can go on overhaul everything on the game.

I’ve recently get some random story ideas I got at school in Japan, and also some environment references. So, I really can’t wait to finally do all of them.

It’s kinda sad that the game was started development in 2016 and in 2017 I’ve stated the game in hiatus and now it’s 2018 still not even any progress been made.

What happened with Life ?

I’d say, currently I’m in the worst phase of my entire life. Lots of issue going on, financial issue, social issue, and so on. It’s just lots of stresses I had to deal with.

I’m trying to sell lots of assets and even opening Patreon to support the financial issue I had, but that doesn’t help much (Except Asset Store, which still able to financially support me a little bit).

I want to thank you to the person who’ve been bought my Assets and keep supporting me. I’m really glad that you like my assets.

Anyway ! Thank you for still following my blog and visiting my blog ! I hope you’ll find my content useful for you ! I’ll post update later if I back to making game again. Have a great day !

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Launched Patreon !

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while I haven’t posted here. I was so busy doing lots of things especially that I already moved to Japan. I mostly still doing lots of 3D modelling exercises. There’ll be new Asset to be sell later on, especially Anime Girls pack.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated with Asset Store stuff and my game updates.

If you feel would like to support me, you can support me on my Patreon.

You’ll get to download my older games (at $6 patron) and Project IMG Beta (at $20 patron)


Thanks a lot for keep supporting me !

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[Unity Asset] Anime Townhouse Asset Pack

Hi everyone, I’ve just released new asset pack for Unity


Requires Unity 5.3.0 or higher

Anime themed Townhouse pack including houses, props (windows, doors, and other stuff), roads, and texture baked house model.

Each models tris are range to 100~800 tris.

This asset pack contains

  • 10 variations of houses
  • 10 prefabs of texture baked version of the house
  • Separated editable materials
  • Props (9 windows, 6 doors, AC, mini fence, and tree)
  • 512×512 textures comes with Normal Map
  • 2048×2048 textures with Normal map for baked house model.
  • Demo scene also included and made in Unity 5.3.0, future version of Unity might need to do lightmapping again.
  • 4 Roads pieces

* Streetlamps and Telephone pole ARE NOT included in this package
Street props pack asset are available here

** This is ONLY outside of the house, there are no inside of it.


[Unity Asset] Anime Style Cafeteria / Canteen set

Hi guys, I just released new asset pack for Unity 3D


Requires Unity 5.3.0 or higher

Anime themed Cafeteria / Canteen prop pack including doors and windows.

Including more than 40+ prefabs with 1024×1024 textures and Normal Map also Illumination Map for Lighting objects. Material and mesh shared across objects.

Each models polys are range to 100~800 tris.

  • Contains:
  • Ceiling Fan with spinning
  • Mop
  • Plastic Tray (Stacked / Single)
  • 2 types of Trash bin
  • 3 types of bowls (Stacked / Single)
  • 3 types of chairs
  • 2 types of Condiments
  • 2 types of Ceiling lamps
  • 4 types of wall decal
  • Coffee Machine
  • Stove
  • Table
  • Counter
  • Pot
  • Ticket Machine
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Metal Bar
  • Vent
  • Sink
  • LPG
  • Fire Emergency
  • Sauce Tray
  • Windows and Doors
  • Lightmapped Cafeteria Demo Scene*
  • All objects in 1 Scene

* Lightmapped in Unity 5.3, Unity 5.5 might need to re lightmap.

Thanks for downloading !!

Be sure to follow this blog or my Facebook page to get updated news on my game development and next asset pack !


Check out my other assets too ! You can also support me from it haha. Have a nice day !