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[Update] Escape From the Laboratories V0.4

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On version 0.4 (or now 0.43) i have change many things on my games. This is the changelog from the v0.35 to v0.43

  • Escape from the laboratories now are FPS Game
  • New gun . i call it Railgun from worm2010
  • Added Snow Particle at menu
  • Added Explosion at cuber Xbox (menu)
  • Added Fade when you click the new game
  • Pause Menu Fixed
  • Menu SFX Fixed
  • Now use Aiming feature (thanks to NickAVV from unifyCommunity) well it’s still have a bug.
  • Now i use the scarier one music at main menu (X-Force)

and for 0.43 to 0.5 i will do this

  • Aiming Updated! (means the crosshair begone while you press Fire2 and you don’t see the railgun inside)
  • LOLMan should be our Enemy or the level blocker (this is the hard one)
  • Railgun should shoot a laser not cylinder
  • from the start, we use (probably) TranceUzi not Railgun (Railgun will be used at level2)
  • When you click new game on main menu. it should show the new box “New game” or “continue” still don’t know how to make a save game with unity3D
  • when you click settings on main menu. main camera will switch to settingAreaCamera. when you pressed ESC it would back to main menu
  • This should have a cutscene when you first time played this game. but i don’t know how to make cutscene

Well i think just that update from V035 to V04. i hope i can make it better :D

thanks for reading :)



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